We are a family-owned company engaged in the development and production of poultry and pig production facilities, machinery and equipment. Feed mixer, Corn chrusher machine, Screw conveyor, Pumpkin seed milling etc.

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complete solution

From the trailer (transport - screw conveyors) to the storage place (storage - silos, our so-called storage cells).

From the storage place into the mill (grinding of the materials - various mills, roller incorporated machines) onto the mixing (mixing/blending - grinder-mixers) and finally into the manger.

And we offer many more technical solutions.

Our mission

We are a successful and
trustworthy company

According to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the rating company Coface, Strojno ključavničarstvo Rudolf is one of the most successful and trustworthy companies in our country. That is why we have obtained the Excellent SME Slovenia Certificate, which represents our business excellence!