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The beginnings of the family owned company Strojno ključavničarstvo Rudolf date back to the year 1983. The founder of the company Emilljan Rudolf started his crafts as a part time, supplementary activity. Considering the amount of work and the demand his company faced, he decided to pursue an independent entrepreneurship in 1988. He successfully continued to pursue his profession until his retirement in 2017. His retirement, of course, did not mean an end of his crafts, as his daughter Monika Rudolf Tomanič took over the company and now successfully continues her father's legacy.

Our company started off by repairing various agricultural machinery, this led to further development of the company and resulted in the production of our own products. E. Rudolf was repairing agricultural machinery of all kinds and therefore he often visited farms. He was a good observer and was paying attention to what kind of tasks the farmers were doing and what kind of machinery they might need to make farm work easier. Somewhat after the year 1993 he started his production of screw conveyors for the transport of bulk materials used in agriculture and in industry. He also started making other machines such as mills, mixers, roll mills, silo equipment and more.

One of the main elements of the Rudolf family business was, and still is, flexibility. We even believe that this virtue is being confirmed by the company's success. The company is successfully adapting to market conditions and is also quick to respond to changes in the turbulent commercial world. Mr. Rudolf has made the company recognizable by the unique quality and affordable products and solutions.

In 2017 it was time for Mr. Rudolf to finally bring his entrepreneurial journey to an end and devote his free time to his hobbies. However, he still finds time and is always glad to get into production again and help the us with his knowledge and rich experiences.


The long-standing experience of our family-owned business in the craftmanship in which we are active enable us to ensure the highest quality of our products. Our vision is to be a competent and reliable partner for our customers. Because of our flexible production, we can easily adapt to rapid changes in the market and to the individual needs of our customers. We strive to produce high quality products that meet our customers' demands and needs to the greatest extent possible. The company's reputation is enhanced by innovative solutions, quality products, and affordability.

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